Monday, December 18, 2017

How not to Worry about Worry

It may sound very unusual title but I mean it. I also know whatever I write, those who tend to worry will worry and those who don't wouldn't. But then the next question is, why do I put in efforts to write when either way it's not going to work because to worry or not to worry is more to do with individual nature which is difficult (and not impossible) to change. 
The answer also is contained in what i stated earlier, individual nature. What then makes me to write about How to not to worry about worry? I being an optimist by nature, its for me to try without worrying about the outcome (see, I have put the "Bhagwat Gita" teaching into use).
I also know that whatever I am going to write is not new and every one (almost) possibly knows about it. But what I am doing is akin to research, representing the facts and thoughts in a new (So do I think) manner. May be, someone same day would actually stop worrying after reading my pearls of wisdom.
Let me start.

 Life is full of uncertainties and that is the main cause of worry. It is also a fact that all human beings worry all the time. The question is, why some people look to be in total control of themselves while some others look perpetually worried. Everyone has worries, then how is it that some are able to bottle up the worries and keep them aside while others get almost crippled leading to inaction due to excessive worrying.
This major difference is because of individual nature but more than that, those who contain their worries have learned the art of overcoming the fear of uncertainty. Rather then procrastinating, they resort to acting on the worry to resolve it or if action is not feasible at that moment or if there seem to be no solution to that worry at that point in time they keep the worry aside. 
On the other hand, those who worry all the time, despite the fact that they know the futility of those worries, get overcome by worries. They, rather then acting on the things that need to get done to get over those worries (or just keeping them aside if there is no immediate solution available), become frozen in those worries thereby losing the capacity to act. Just like Arjun was in the opening situation of Mahabharata war, only problem is, Arjun had Lord Krishna to enlighten him about importance of Action over Procrastination while we have none.

The question is, where is the solution? The solution lies in training the Mind. Changing one's nature is difficult but it is very much doable. I speak from my own experience. I used to be such an angry young child till one day the futility of this angry nature donned on me. The moment futility was understood, nature changed to an extent that one day after I got married, my "better half"  asked me, don't you ever get angry. That "the individual nature" can be modified is hence proved.

The first thing to do is understand that worry is generally associated with those thoughts where it is evident that the individual has no control or little control over the circumstances around it while the outcome is important. Some people may, though, have a sheer habit of worrying (even when a simple action would resolve the worry) like people who have "Compulsive Obsessive Disorder".

However, sometimes the individual has the capability to act to sort out the worries but does not know or intentionally decides to procrastinate and worry. Worry clouds your judgement and ability to take risk and therefore earlier one learns to either act on them or just put them out of their mind in an imaginary locker till they get time, energy and motivation to deal with it.

everyone worries but those who learn to get over the worries or has ability to keep them aside lives a peaceful and fruitful life, for rest, worry is there to give them company. Why keep this bad company.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Never Miss a Chance to Enjoy Life till it Lasts.

One of my friend's Anniversary is today. His wife has sadly departed for heavenly abode some time back. Thinking that he may not like to be wished on his anniversary. However, when he reminded us of it by a post in our whats app group we wished both of them, he in person and her in metaphor. That got my thoughts rolling.

Life is but this moment that we have because next moment is not guaranteed to anyone of us. There are enough of misunderstandings, egos and what not between people, may it be between Parents and children, may it be between siblings or between friends or between Husband and wife. Let that be.

However, with the life being so short (and get cut further short sometimes due to illness and other factors) why give credence to all the problems among us. Let us change a bit. Let the differences remain (if they can not be reconciled) but remember those people (and we too) are going away permanently later (or sooner in some case).

If they are loved ones, whatever may the difference, don't let go of them. Mend fences with them, overlook imperfections, reconcile with the situation but do stay connected. Why, because, when one leaves for another world, there no communication lines between these two worlds nor that place is connected over, 2G,4G or internet.

When there is actually very little time to love and admire them, where is time to grudge or hate a loved one. Think about it before it is too late and we have no means of telling such people how much we loved them

Let us Make a BEGINING.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Finals of 25th Marathi Commercial Drama Competition - 2012

This an old 2012 post that had got tangled with another travel blog. Untangled and reposted.

Finals of 25th Marathi Commercial Drama Competition

After many years I got the opportunity to see Marathi Nataks at Mumbai, courtsey Dept of Culture, Govt of Maharashtra.

It was the Finals of 25th Marathi Commercial (and not amateur) Drama Competition being conducted at Marathi Sahitya Sangha Mandir at Girgaum by the Dept of Culture, Govt of Maharashtra. There were a total of 10 dramas selected from about 25 entries of variety of Drama Companies. I could See Love Birds, Karun Gelo Gaon, Sukhanshi Bhandato Amhi and Mi Revati Deshpande.

It was real fun watching such quality dramas produced by these companies. The situation dead that I write the researched views about them but have no time to do research.

Let me put my quick thoughts about these dramas.

Love Birds - a thriller which holds you spell bound. the plot is superb. The struggle of Amruta Subash, the lead actress, to (so called) educate her husband (who has lost his past memories in an accident, but can remember what is taught) about his past life. One sympathises with her, the drama goes on with realisation that the hero and heroine might have killed old lover of the leading lady. As the plot unfolds, the heroine also committees one more murder. Every thing was to go as planed (for whom, guess it or see the Natak, I am not going to let the cat out) but for a private detective who has joined this plot out of sheer luck (or may be bad luck).

What comes out at the end is a action packed (emotional and not stunts) thriller which keeps you glued to your seat). The Music was good, the use of video to link up the events outside of the set, crisp dialogue delivery and acting of all the people are the strong points.

Karun Gelo Gaon - Is a marathi - Malvani (or so I thought) comedy with all the actors being natural and good. Vaibhav Mangale happens to be the pack leader. The drama had slapstick humour with all the ingredients thrown in like a tamasha dancer, a local MLA, film crazy villagers etc. There were some sutle but below the belt humour, some high quality humour and some very vital points made humorously. At the end the drama succeeds in highlighting the plight of the soul of Konkan, the land on the west coast.

Sukhanshi Bhandato Aamhi - is a serious drama with a lead role of a psychologist and a split personality patient. the doctor, an idealist as a Young boy from village has become materialistic due to pressures of his ambitious wife and the city called Mumbai. He is minting money and thinking that it is essential for him to mint to provide better avenues to his son.

He has been neglecting his mother who is still at his village, neglecting other aspects of life till this patient whom he admits in his hospital show him a mirror to make him understand that the mirage that he is running behind in his life is not happiness but rather a fight with real happiness. The doctor tries to run away from reality till his son decides to seek his Happiness!!! by leaving the doctor and his wife behind and migrating abroad. A very powerful story delivered superbly.

Mi, Revati Deshpande is a off beat drama. It is about gender disorder in a professor who has been living duel life of a lady and a man. his family always thinks very poorly of him because they think he seeks company of females to satisfy his male ego / taste without realisation of the reality. Only his female servant and psychologist friend who knew reality try to manage the rift. The rift widens by the additional affection shown by the professor to his erstwhile student and now his daughter in law, who is pregnant.

The rift reaches a stage where all efforts of the psychologist fried and the servant fail and the professor decides to let go of the male in him and decides to live life as a female.

A complex subject handled skillfully with lead roles of Mohan Joshi as professor, Ramesh Bhatkar as doctor friend. It was well enacted drama except for where I got the seat (in the balcony) the audio was very poor.

A very unconventional story delivered with care and elan.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Peshwas of Modern Pune - Spoof

I have not been able to blog for a considerably long time for a variety of reasons including procrastination. For last some days withdrawal symptoms have started showing. That means, I have to blog and that gives me a chance to bring out my experience in this historic city of Pune, particularly related to road users. Look at the title of the blog again. It is not Peshwa's Pune. It is Peshwas of Pune. Now let me start.

In my long naval career, I have lived in many cities including Pune but the traffic sense that I developed is based on traffic culture of Mumbai which is by and far the best in India. I really found the city most infamous for traffic sense, New Delhi, reasonably good for driving, primarily due to its wide carriageways.

And then, upon retirement from the Navy, I made Pune my abode. That is when I realised that this city has not one or two but many living Peshwas. The Peshwa was the Prime Minister of Bhosala Kings of Chatrapati Shivaji Dynasty and were the rulers on behalf of Bhosla Kings of Satara, of this part of Maharashtra. Obviously, rulers make the rules but they need not necessarily follow the rules. The Peshwas of modern Pune do not make the rules but they definitely do not follow the rules.

Recently there was a news item here in Times of India that Pune Police are going to challan the pillion riders who ride (pillion) on a two-wheeler. It made me wonder, so the Police are going to challan the pillion riders without the helmet, Good, Very Good, but in the first place, when is Police in Pune going to challan helmetless drivers of Two wheelers. Is it that they are going to challan pillions and leave the riders scot free.

I do understand. How dare Pune Police challan the riders, who are the Peshwas of Modern Pune? For information of readers, over 90 % of two-wheeler riders find it below their dignity to wear helmets, a very crucial life-saving device. Maybe they are waiting for Peshwai Pagadi (a typical headgear) or a crown.

Poor me, while parking my car anywhere in Pune, was always worried about inconveniencing other motorists. That was so till my better half pointed out to this mortal being (that is me) that I, the poor subject of this city needs to look around. The Peshwas of Modern Pune driving their four-wheelers actually parked at will, other road users be damned.

The procession of the Kings was always taken out with fanfare everywhere in India. In  Pune, the fanfare for the procession of modern Peshwas comes from honking of the horn irrespective of the Peshwas riding their two wheelers or four wheelers.

Generally, kings were never bothered about Value for Money which is a concept for commoners. Our Peshwas of Modern Pune are very different in that aspect. They are economy conscious and therefore want to maximise the return on their investment.

Therefore, with an objective of maximisation of per capita consumption of Petrol per kilometre, they do not ride one rider and one pillion. They generally ride triple seat on their two-wheelers. Bhai, economy is also important even for Peshwas of modern Pune.

Signals on the road are for traffic safety. Everyone is supposed to follow the signals. Rules, however, are not meant for Peshwas of Modern Pune. It is very common for us to find, when the signal is green for us, to find a two-wheeler with triple riders crossing your path (mind you the signal is green for us) and taking a turn (for which the signal is red) and if you show annoyance, be ready to face their anger.

Another important habit they have is driving on the wrong side. After all they are the daredevils who would like to challenge the oncoming commoners (read traffic). In Hadpsar, going towards Kondhawa, the road is split into two one-way. What makes me wonder is, there are Peshwas coming from the wrong side of both one ways whereas there are by lanes at regular interval connecting these two one ways.

When I landed up in Pune, I wondered as to why the speed of cars in Pune so slow and subdued. The wonderment got over moment I realised that was obviously in reverence to these Peshwas of Modern Pune of whom all the common (non-Peshwa) motorist were generally scared. Who would like to offend them and take on the might of these rulers of Pune Roads?

May be I also need to learn the obedience faster.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Infertility - A serious Human Issue and Some one writes about it.

There is very famous "Kahawat" (Saying) in Hindi, "Jake Panv Na Phati Bivai, Vah Kya Jane Pir Parai" - Here is the loosely reconstructed English version of it - The one who )does not have cracked heels) has never suffered not empathise with others (would never understand the sufferings of others).

Many a time from my childhood, I was witness to some ladies being chided by (surprisingly) other ladies (who I thought would understand the pain that they would suffer because of this stupid act) as "Banz" or a lady who has not produced a offspring. When such a lady was publically insulted, no regard was paid as to what exactly is the problem and who has or where is the shortcoming. After all, reproduction needs both partners to be healthy and having no medical issues, however, the blame always was placed on the lady and her own peers never let go any chance of insulting her.

However, except for having this simple knowledge that some ladies do not have any children of their own and that there may be many reasons for infertility, I had no knowledge about this matter. Since I have been a HR man for many years, I became aware of the human suffering and cost of this stigma, efforts that such couples put in to get over including very long drawn IVF treatments.

It is by chance that I landed up at the blog of Dr Amit Praksah on this serious issue. He has written a very informative post. This post has the potential to give hope to couples who have been suffering physically, psychologically and socially because of this (unwarranted) stigma.

The post is Titled - "A step towards making #Infertility Not A Taboo" and it can be accessed at

Do read and spread a word. We just don't know who will come out of the suffering by getting this information.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Essential Andaman in 8 night / 9 days - Detailed Travelogue - Day VIII

Day 8 - Baratang Island - Visiting Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano - The Final Day of Visit

Yesterday our tour operator had told us that tomorrow we have to start for Baratang Island very early at 3 am. Start at 3 AM, such a godforsaken time. That too when actual travel time on google is just about 3 hrs?

Despite our reservations, we gave up and got ready to move for Baratang at dot 0300. The car arrived slightly late and our journey started at 0330. As we progressed on this road trip we asked the driver, why we had to leave so early? His answer solved the puzzle.

During this Journey, we have to pass through thick Jungle which is inhabited Jarawa, once a fierce cannibal tribe. The Forest gate at Jirkatang opens at about 7 in the morning for traffic to pass to and from North Andaman.

The vehicles have to line up prior to the gate opening not because the gate is open for a short time. It is because most of the vehicles that are carrying tourists to Lime Stone Caves and Mud Volcano at Baratang island through Middle Strait have to make the return trip in the day light (before forest gates close) back to Port Blair and thus there is great hurry to pass this gate as soon as it opens.

Even after listening to this input from our driver we were still not convinced. Ok, so what, why one has to leave so early? We could have started at 0500, etc. We were in this state of mind till we reached the forest gate at Jirkatang at about 0530 and were shocked to find a large number of vehicles lined up before us in the queue. When did all these people start, at 0200 or thereabout?

Long Queue of Vehicles

And so many vehicles behind us
Our driver put our vehicle in the queue. There was nothing else but to wait. Since the queue had large no of vehicles in this morning hour, there was demand for Tea and thus there were many stalls selling Tea, etc. After having a cup of tea, I decided to venture towards the gate and see what all is there.

As I ventured near the gate I was surprised to see reasonably good toilet complex (another vital need in the early morning hour) and two three eateries which were full of people. After this small walking trip, I returned to our car as there were signs of the gate opening.

Once the gates opened, all the vehicles started off in the same queue (generally no one overtakes others in this forest stretch). After an uneventful journey through Jarawa Lands, we reached Middle Strait RO-RO Terminal by about 0800.

Two Cute Birds at Middle Strait Jetty

Waiting for RO - RO boat
The Strait
Mangrove Forest along the Shores

Taking an RO- RO boat we reached other side of the strait. Once there, we took a speed boat to go to Lime Stone Caves. The boat traveled through this strait which has Mangroves on the either side. The journey was fun. At the finish of the journey, the boats enter a thick growth of Mangroves and one gets a feeling of going through a channel under a cave of Mangroves.

Travelling Through Mangrove Forest Canopy  
At the discharge point, the guide took us on a walk of about one and a half kilometer, reminding us to finish the trip quickly (they ask you to complete the trip in ridiculously short time but they also know it will take at least one hour to do the trip even after brisk walking). After a quick walk of about 15 - 20 minutes, we reached the caves.

Walking Down to Lime Stone Caves
Entering them through a narrow pass between two limestone rocks we got into the cave. There were unique rock formations from the roof of the cave and also from the bottom up from the base of the cave. Sometimes these kinds of structures also met creating a column.

Almost There

The caves do not have lights hence the guide uses his torch. There were different formations and the guide kept telling us various names of these formations based on how they looked like. It was a different experience. The Lime Stone rock formations were very interesting.

Here on  - Various Rock FOrmations inside the Caves

Yours Truly inside the Cave

All about Lime Stone Caves

It may be noted that people with difficulty in walking would find rushing to caves difficult, though there is a need to take the repeated reminders of the guide to "hurry up" with a pinch of salt. After visiting Lime Stone Caves we returned to Middle Strait Jetty by the same speed boat with fun on the way with speed boat doing real high speed.

Once we were back to Jetty, it was then a turn of a road trip to Mud Volcano, a unique geographical phenomenon where mud seeps out of the earth. Once out of the vehicle at the entry point, it is a walk of about 500 meters to the site of Volcano.

Heading towards Mud Volcano
If the visitors go there with a mental image of Volcano Spewing lava with a plum, etc, they would be disappointed (some of our group were) but the Mud volcano is worth visiting for a different sight. In an enclosed area fenced off by a simple fence, we get to see mud spewing out very softly from some holes and soon cooling down. It is said that Mud Volcanos are indicative of Hydro Carbon deposits under that place.

Mud Volcano 

One More

After this visit, it was time to have Lunch in one of the few small eateries on the Jetty and then the trip back to Port Blair after crossing the Strait by the same RO-RO boat which keeps sailing between two shores. After a three hour Journey, we reached Port Blair. Since we had some day light still available, we roamed around the Aberdeen Bazar area (The main bazaar of Port Blair). Post this visit we returned to our Hotel.

All that was left was to pack and sleep. Next day we had our return flights to go back home.

P.S. We visited Andamans in Jan 2017 and the Blog is getting over in the month of Sept 17. I have taken a long time but that was due to various preoccupations. I did not want to abandon this blog because abandoning meant two things. First, I would not be able to make those who can not visit Andamans for some reasons take a virtual tour of Andaman and Second, I would not be able to aid those who want to go there and are looking for information about the trip.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Very Informative Blog on Ancient Indian History - Most of it Unknown to us

By sheer chance I stumbled upon this blog titled by Meenakshi Saran.

She covers often unknown part of Ancient Indian History and many other things.

Do read it yourself and enjoy. Posting a link to one such post

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Essential Andaman in 8 night / 9 days - Detailed Travelogue - Day VII

Day VII - Ross Island, Chatham Saw Mill and Chidya Tapu beach

On this day our schedule was visiting Ross Island, the oldest penal settlement, and seat of Andaman's British Administration of British India (Till Cellular Jail was built) and Chidiya Tapu Beach.

Starting the day peacefully, we got ready and reached Water Sports Jetty (the same one which we had used earlier to go to  North Bay island) which happens to be right opposite Ross Island. This time we had time in hand. We decided to use it to explore the Jetty and do photography. First important landmark we stumbled upon was Sunami Memorial. It is a memorial built to honour those who got killed in Dec 2004 Sunami.
In Remembrance of those who died in Tsunami

After visiting this memorial, we went to jetty and we both young couples decided to do little more photography.

On the Water Sports Jetty

 We got into the boat around 0930and by 0950 we were at Ross Island. Ross Island is under the administrative control of the India Navy which maintains a very small detachment of sailors on the island for administrative duties.

Arrived at Ross

Ross is where first British formal settlement was built by prisoners. Once the settlement was built the prisoners were transferred to Viper Island (Viper was the name of the British ship that got the first batch of Prisoners to Andamans).

Ross island was what a best small city could be. Chief Commissioner's Bungalow, other bungalows, accommodation for subordinate staff, A Church, Bakery, clubs, Tennis courts and above all a heated swimming pool, all this is in the era of around 1857 and thereafter. It was known as Paris of the east (should have been called little Paris though). While the jail moved from Viper to Ross to Cellular Jail, Ross remained administrative HQ till 1941 when an earth quack struck that area and damaged the buildings, after which people started abandoning that place.

Vegetation has taken over a Building

Old Boilers for  Feeding the Swimming Pool

Deer for the Company

Renovated Bakery

Coconut trees

Subordinate's Club

Introduction to Church

Stairway to Church

Church Must Have been Majestic, once upon a time

A visit to Ross really makes one feel the opulence with which the British lived at Ross. I guess many thousand miles away from their home and many hundred miles away from the main land India, they had to create a haven for themselves.

Stairway to Commissioner's Bungalow 

After visiting Ross, we returned to Jetty and took our boat back to Water Sports Jetty.  After a quick lunch at Port Blair, since we had time, we went to visit Chatham Saw Mill. A saw mill established by British in 1883, it is Asia's oldest and biggest saw mill processing the abundant timber of various types that gets produced by forests of Andaman & Nicobar. This mill can process over 18000 logs per year if work is carried out in three shifts. The mill has various sections for sorting, seasoning, cutting, etc.

Other highlights of the mill are a Timber museum having historical photographs, wood artifacts and many other exhibits.  There is also a gift shop in the mill premises selling wooden items. There is a memorial to commemorate 125 years of forestry. This was erected in 2009. There is also a Bomb pit created by a Japanese bomb dropped in 2002 (which we did not visit).

Timber Museum, Off cuts and Furniture

Timber Museum

One More View

Forestry Memorial

Log Processing Section

After Chatham Saw Mills visit, the final destination for the day was Chidiya Tapu. A beach about 30 km from Port Blair and a place famous for the best Sunset around Port Blair. Chidiya Tapu also is the start point for Munda Pahad trek, which is a whole day affair.

There are few Playground equipment available for Children, There are also few uprooted trees with massive roots laying around and also a huge hollow tree for passing through its trunk. After enjoying in the children area (don't laugh, we all have a child inside us) we did some more Monkey Tricks on trunks of fallen trees.

Entry to Chidiya Tapu

Way to Hallowed Log

Let me Crawl 

Trying my Hand on Horse Riding on a Log

Hanging on to the (Massive) Roots

Stunts with the Roots 1

One More

Man hi Nahi Bharata

I am Happy Here
After all this, it was time for The Sunset. Sunset was obliviously fabulous and we enjoyed it.

Starting to Set


Cloud is Spoil Sport

After sunset, it was a drive back to Port Blair, have dinner and sleep. Early sleeping was vital as we had to go to visit and we had to start early morning (really early) at 0300 hrs.