Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chess in Progress in Maharashtra, Possibilities! - Follow up

Hi All,

This is a follow on post on the same subject. Now that the actors namely A & B and C & D have broken up, probabilities of event (a)that is party C & D staying together is become zero (at the moment).

Probability of event (b) (namely party D going all alone) happening is now gone up to about 70% though I would not be surprised if post filing nominations in next two days the main protagonists of this game of chess on one side (party C & D) come to some convergence and fight the elections jointly yet again

It may be so that party D broke the alliance to give shock treatment to its friend party C. If they reach some convergence, all it takes is to tell official candidates to withdraw their nominations from the seats allotted to alliance partner, though some candidates revolting and continuing to fight as independent is not ruled out.

Party A and C are already accusing that there is a tacit alliance between party B and party D (that is the event (c) for my earlier post with stated probability of 15% when last post was published, now it is up to 20 %).

I will still not rule out event (d) party A and D joining together though A has already declared its tie up with Mulayam's party. I would peg the probability to mere 10 % of this event happening.

Every news channel is talking of one thing (irrespective of who owns that channel), Maharashtra common man is tired of Party A & B's joint misrule of last decade. If that is true, is there going to be a relief to the population of Maharashtra and are any political parties ever bothered about people's aspirations to let go of their own egos is what remains to be seen?

Parties have time till the date of nomination withdrawal to rethink and realign. As for me, I will enjoy the game of "wait and watch" (the fun I mean).

BTW - I also enjoy to hear your views and comments, so feel free.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Memorial in Official Bungalow

There is a classic being enacted in heart of New Delhi.  A senior politician was alloted a govt bungalow. On his death it was possibly reallocated to his son who might have become a MP or it could be gratis at that time,  I am not sure of it.

Now when he is neither minister nor MP,  he has been asked to vacate. After consuming sufficient time he wanted time till 25 Sep on religious grounds.

So far it looked a normal and routine process. Suddenly it must have donned on someone that why not convert govt owned accommodation to self owned. Brilliant idea,  lets demand that that bungalow be made memorial to senior leader.

Well govt so far has refused to conceed the request. However,  if govt does not fortify the bungalow it is likely that some squatters will take possession of it and refuse to vacate till they have their way.

Let us wait and watch as to who blinks first. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Nothing Surprising about UP results

By-election results in UP and Rajasthan seems to have surprised many. The Rajasthan results are surprising. Loosing 3 out of 4 seats while in power is surprising.

Many are also commenting about UP By-election results. It is being touted as drop in BJPs popularity. It may be so but most commentators are over looking the absence of BSP.

In any election  every party has support Base based on its ideology or composition. for example those having religious ideas vote for such parties. Parties based on casts have their separate clientèle.

In UP possible combination is Hindu nationalist and businessmen for BJP,  MY for SP,  M and Dalits for BSP.

There are some converts from one block to another depending on the type of elections and issues of emotions at that time.

Mere absence of BSP from elections means the MD block would split between BJP and SP with majority of them shifting to SP.

To me election results in UP were a surprise if BJP had won major seats.  In absence of BSP from By-election the results  are on expected lines,  a fact that may be confirmed by verifying loksabha election results.

Why did BSP not fight By-elections? Only they know the answer.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Games Top Leaders of Nations Play

Chinese President is here. He and Indian Prime Minister are holding talks. While on one hand this is happening, on the other hand incursions in Ladakh by PLA Army personals and for the first time by the civilians from Chinese side (mind you originally only Tibetans were the citizens in the area across the border. Whether these civilians are Tibetans or Chinese is not clear to me).

It would have been a reasonable assumption that a nation will ensure that when their leader is traveling to a neighboring country, the contentious issues are kept low. The case here is exactly opposite. The Chinese President is all powerful and his military and civilians have stepped up these activities giving rise to a suspicion that it is not a mere coincidence but a design by Chinese government with full consent of the guest who is presently in our country.

The motive seems to keep our government and its thought process confused and destabilized during bilateral talks to gain a upper hand.

Will they succeed and have we planned similar or suitable counteraction is to seen in the days to come.

Monday, September 15, 2014

They too served the people. Local Volunteers in J n K

J &  K is going through a really rough time.  The scale of tragedy is massive. Rescue efforts require capability, discipline, devotion and reach of our Armed Forces.

The extent of work being done by them is huge and the attended coverage of their actions also is of that scale both on TV as also the print media.

It does not mean that there is vacuum of others in provide relief. Well as far as State government and separatist are concerned their absence is well known. In d first case of State Government it is unfortunate and in the second case, it is a welcome absence. No one missed their absence.

But credit is due and must be given to large number of local volunteers,  people, religious organisations, etc who pitched in with their meger resources and stayed put in the service of their community. Many did so while their own families were facings similar hardship.

We must salute our Armed forces but we must also salute these people who had no organisation to back them up, meger resources and none else but sheer courage and will to help.

Oh common people of J & K who went much beyond their call of duty out of sheer will to assist,  we salute you. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Common Sense is Holding on its own. Kashmir Floods

In my previous blog post I had said, using pure common sense, that these floods are a result of man's greed. I had felt what could have happened. A Times of India article in today's paper (14 Sep 14) confirms what I felt. In an article titled "The Deluge of Development", Mr BR Singh has brought out that in Srinagar, Water ways have been converted in roads and wetland in to colonies that has aggravated the tragedy caused by heavy downpour.

The link to the article is here

Thursday, September 11, 2014

It is Man's Greed that is Evident in most Natural Disasters

Kashmir Valley is under water for about six days now. CM says the rain that poured in was 400 mm and Met dept says it was 200 mm. Let us leave that controversy aside. Even if we take 400 mm (higher figure) as true, all the rain is meant (naturally) to drain to the rivers or the lakes. The design of nature is so good that the water always flows through natural slops to nearest water body. All water bodies also have their discharge mechanism.

What does that mean? In case of a Lake (at least natural) there is a flow channel to a river or a Nullah  when the lake overflows. Similarly a river, unless dammed will freely flow and if dammed, there will be controlled water release from it.

Does it not surprise us that despite no rain in Kashmir valley for last few days post the downpour, water has not drained out (and thus receded) from the streets of Srinagar to rivers and lakes? The reason is simple. We take nature for granted; We construct houses, other buildings and  structures indiscriminately without any regard to natural flow paths of water in case of rain. Since it rains heavily very rarely, we take it for granted that natural drainage of water is a need that will NEVER arise.

This phenomenon is further aided by the unchecked illegal construction not only in the flow / drainage path but even in the river / lake bed. We choke the natural gradients of water flows. After allowing the mankind enough time to reconcile and correct the situation the Mother Nature strikes back. Even in such times if natural water drainage is free of obstructions, the accumulate water will drain out very fast as soon as heavy rain stops.

But since we took Mother Nature granted for many years, when her fury lands on us, we are left with cities like Srinagar becoming lakes by themselves with a very poor drainage rate. Where will the rain water drain? It is us who has dammed the water in our cities by killing natural routes of drainage.

The story repeats itself from Mumbai (a few years back), Uttarakhand and now in Kashmir valley. It is unfortunate that  the people suffering in such times are mostly non contributors to these causes, tourists etc.

The moot question is, will we ever learn? Our record so far shows that we are dim and duffer students.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Saviours @Mumbai

I have come to Mumbai for some work at Ambarnath. Onwards journey from Prabhadevi to Ambernath took 2hrs.

Return journey took 2 Hr 30 min. The doubt then would be,  what am I talking about,  saviours?

On the return leg I traveled through Eastern Freeway. What a experience. In this city where 2 km can take from 5 min to 1 hr  Chembur to Orange gate of Civil Dock in FLAT 10 min. Does it not look like miracle?

Also saw a Monorail in operation. These are the saviours,  Freeway, Metro n Monorail.
More such measures are needed. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Marathi Drama (Natak) 'Proposal'

As  part of Maharashtra Utsav (Ganesh Utsav as called in Delhi but with a difference that the programmes held thereafter in various months also become part of it) celebrated in Delhi, we were fortunate to see a very good Natak (Drama), named Proposal on 06th Sep 14.

It had many unique things in it, starting from its set. It is a two act play but the whole play is enacted in a Mumbai Local Coach (that too supposedly last local of the day from somewhere (may be Mumbai CST) to Kalyan. So one can imagine how innovative the set is.

The story revolves around Just four characters, two main ones and two support ones. The main protagonists are a young man of say 22, very naive and simple (so it looks) and a Street Walker young girl, again pretending to be street smart but a small girl lurking beneath her Street Walker exterior.

From this point one it is a journey of fun, light hearted banter, emotions and a bond between them caused by common rural background. How ever this act culminates in arrest of the girl (not for Street Walking) by the boy (who is a Police Constable) for an accidental death of a ruffian during a fistfight with the girl (while the boy was asleep).

The second act is the hallmark of the play and for maintaining the sanctity of the story line I would not talk about it. I would say that the quality of the whole story line is similar to the famous Hindi short story by Pandit Chandradutt Sharma Guleri called Usane Kaha Tha". Those who know this hindi story would know what intense level of storyline I am talking about.

The acting by Aditi Sarangdhar as the lead female role Radha and by Astad Kale in the leading Male role of Nivruti Krushna Pawar  is the one that adds fragrance to the story line. Among these two, Aditi stands out primarily because her role has emotions as its second name and she bring them out in a unbelievably superb manner with her very high standard of acting. Astad kale also does full justice to his act.

You don't believe in my statement? Please watch the play and then tell me how right I was. Happy Viewing.

Monday, September 8, 2014

New Divide among People of Sanatan Dharma.

When things were almost settled on the Sanatan dharma (aka Hindu dharma) front and it seemed that now the dispute is inter – religion, came the bomb shell. 

It revolved around the question, Ïs Sai baba of shiradi a god”? What the Sanatan Dharma says about god, who qualifies as a god or his Avtar are higher level questions beyond me. To my understanding and I may be wrong, whatever or whose ever responds to ones calls when he is in distress, the mind believes in him.  As such, the dharma followed in India is that everything in this universe has god within it. Remember  the adage, ‘Aaham Brahmasmi’.

Back to this question, is Sai Baba a god? But who says so? This humble saint preached unity. Named a old (unused, to my knowledge)  mosque “Dwarka Mai”. Lived in it in abject poverty and survived only on Alms given by people. Never heard that he called himself even a Saint, let alone an Avtar. He reached out to people, people developed faith in him and they granted him elevated status as a Saint, but as per available information he did not start a Math (Mutt) or stopped living on Alms.

It was always believed that Sai baba is a Saint. Was he Muslim or Hindu? I guess no one could find out even in those days when he was alive nor he ever explained.  Also it did not matter to the people who somehow believed in him. Then why this controversy?

Every issue has its roots in Power or quest for it. It could be power over people or control over money. Sometimes, when life is peaceful, some people become uncomfortable with the peace and tranquility. But the debate being triggered by a senior figure of the stature of Sankarachrya is surprising. 

I thought Sanatan Dharma is ever gracious and accommodating all through the history. However, this issue has triggered intense debate and ideological fight among management committees of various temples across the nation as if all the pressing problems of their fellow followers are resolved and this is the only issue left to be resolved. 

The unity that existed thus far is shattered. A new division among people (mostly Hindus) has started. The issue has boiled down from ’Is Sai Baba a God’, which is a non issue as no one said so, to ‘why is his statue in the temples’. 

The simple man’s simpler saint must be extremely unhappy. He tried to unify people all through his life and now they are getting divided over issues related to him. Let us leave him alone.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Who has become Bakra?

Todays Times of India carried two news items. One was about United Bank of India declearing Vijay Mallya, two other directors  and KF Airlines itself Wilful Defaulters. The second news item, even more interesting  was, surprise, surprise, Vijay Mallya claiming thet UBI is making a Bakra of him to send a message to other defaulters by declearing him a wilful defaulter.

Reading the second news item I just don't know whether to laugh or cry at Mallya claiming that he has been made Bakra. Really or are they the Banks, the employees of KFA and the nation, who have been made  Bakra by 'The Games (Tricks) These People Play'?

Without going into merit of Mallya's claim as I do not know his full grounds (it could well be because of the confidence of simply haveing a strong legal team) I would like to ask, is he really being made Bakra?

The standards and the style of KFA was great (or may be pompous) but it looked unsustainable from the start in a tough aviation market. With the lavish style of the Airline, the losses mounted. Scores of KFA employees were left in the lurch by the closure of the airlines. The employees were doomed but there was no change in the lifestaule of promotors of KFA. Their F1 team and other indulgances continued.

The banking consortium seems to have fallen in a trap. It seems to be the common story of what businesses do in India. Take a loan, then seek restructuring of loan, then seek more loan claiming that with newer loans the business will flurish and the old and new both loans will be re-payed. Later claim that losses are still mounting and the loans cannot be paid hence they should be securitiesd by banks. The loans thus convert to Equity and the govt holding (through PSU Banks) keeps increasing (and the promotors share keeps declining).

After some time claim that the business is unviable and present the govt with Fait Accompli. Now govt is major stake holder and has no option to hold to this crying baby. As for promotors, there is yet another business to move on after making a Bakara of the employees, the public and the Institutions (including the govt).

And after all, in this free nation, the person being declared wilful defaulter has the option of crying foul and claiming that he is being made Bakara which is diligently used by him. That too after making Bakara of every one else.

PS. I am not a finance or law person and the views above are based on my inferences gathers from various news items appearing for and  against the promoters of KFA.